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I should have celebrated more

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Let me take you back to a wonderful time. It was April 2020 and I was eagerly checking my bank account. Butterflies were dancing in my belly, excitement was bubbling in my chest. I was about to receive my fourth full month’s earnings.

It was a special month for sure. I had reached my major money goal. Let’s be honest, I had surpassed my goal. My aim was to earn $2k within my first year on Medium. I was about to receive $2637.41 after four full months on Medium.

So, how was it that by my fourth month my goal was already happening? In fact, I had reached my goal in my third month and my income had continued to increase past my dream point. …

It’s time to confront your inner critic

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I arched my back and pressed into my boyfriend’s naked body. It felt more intimate than normal to be in bed together. For once, I wasn’t wearing pyjamas. Our naked skin rubbed against each other. My boyfriend’s hands ran gently down my back. As his hands got closer to my hips, I fought the urge to flinch. I wanted to pull away. He was about to run his hands over my newly created folds of back fat.

I felt ashamed, instantly not sexy and irritated. I had the perfect body before pregnancy. Why had I not worked out more? …

Is it possible to have a solid income?

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When I began on Medium, I wanted to earn $2k a month. That was the plan. I would begin at $0 and build up over time. I figured it would take me a year and it would go something like this:

December $100

January $200

February $400

March $600

And so on, until December 2020 when I would reach my $2k goal. I expected small increments over time and I thought one year was a realistic amount of time to make $2k. But, nothing ever goes to plan, does it?

Think about anything you imagine. It rarely looks exactly as you visualised. Your last job interview, that party you went to (two years ago) and your most recent holiday were probably all a whole lot different in reality than how you pictured them. …

You don’t need a life coach to get organized with this one

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I’d just finished sweeping and mopping the floor. It smelt like Zoflora. Mrs. Hinch would be proud. As I looked around the room, I quickly created a new list in my mind of cleaning jobs.

“It looks great in here,” my partner smiled, breezing into the kitchen.

His smile told me everything. He wasn’t interested in my cleaning. He wanted to have sex. His eyes twinkled as he pushed me slowly against the kitchen counter. I put down my mop. I was ready for anything.

He kissed me passionately. I let out a soft moan as I succumbed to his advances. …

It’s all about knee-high socks and high standards

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I often find myself buying knee-high socks, or experiencing a sudden urge to do a makeover. And whenever I do, I stop myself and say wow, this is yet again, the powerful and undying influence of Clueless.

I have to confess, Clueless, and especially Cher, is a constant in my heart and mind. And to be honest, that’s not a bad thing. There are far worse people I could base my life on or take inspiration from.

Looking closer at the character of Cher Horowitz reveals an empowered, strong, young woman who can genuinely teach us a lot about love. …

Reaching a climax together is the height of intimacy

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I closed my eyes, my hands gripped onto my boyfriend’s back and I lost all touch of reality as my orgasm took over.

In the seconds before my orgasm, I was blown away by the disappearance of all thoughts. Just for a few moments, I had zero worries or plans for the next day. Instead, pleasure coursed through every part of my mind.

As I climaxed, I was consumed with a blissful moment of crashing intensity, clenching and tightening throughout my body. I gasped and held on to my partner tightly. …

We were in the same tent

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I don’t like camping. Ever since I went camping and peed in my sleeping bag (I was three at the time), it’s not been appealing to me. However, my views were totally overthrown when I discovered glamping. Imagine mattresses, heaters, plenty of room and the luxury of unzipping the tent and being met by the most amazing views and fresh air.

Now, I get it

And my first experience of glamping couldn’t have been better — a music festival with friends. …

224 blog posts and $13,321.96 later

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I first found out about Medium in November 2019. My idea was to grow a platform for the book I was writing. I wanted to be able to apply for a literary agent with an impressive online presence under my belt.

I was told Medium was the place to be for writers. So, I joined the gang. It felt refreshing. It was completely different to the tired Instagram and Facebook offerings. But, there was just one problem, I was scared. The platform seemed totally alien. I didn’t know where to start.

At first, I didn’t even know how to write a new blog post. But, gradually, I worked out what to do and realised what an amazing platform I had discovered. So, here’s the first steps I took as a beginner. These specific steps allowed me to earn more than $1000 in my second full month on Medium. …

Your weight can become an obsession

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I remember how disappointed I was in 2019. I’d lost 6 pounds in 9 weeks after giving birth. Yes, it’s not a huge amount but I was still proud and feeling more and more like myself everyday.

So, after a week off for Christmas and New Year, I ventured apprehensively back onto the squeaky floors of my local gym, avoiding the annoyingly happy treadmill runners as I walked to the changing room. Could I not stay in soft duvet, Christmas cake land forever?

I squeezed into my leggings and nervously left the changing rooms to walk over to the weighing scales by the treadmills. I looked around furtively before standing on the scales. …

The true joy the sensation brings

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When I first learned how to squirt, it took me ages. I had watched a few porn films and listened to my boyfriends advice. It was safe to say, I wasn’t clued up. I needed a squirting mentor who had actually done it themselves and could tell me what to expect.

As it happened, I took the advice my boyfriend gave me — he had heard that a girl should hook their finger inside themselves and keep moving their finger against the fleshy part of their vaginal wall until they felt the urge to pee.

So, I stood in front of my mirror nervously. What if I peed? Taking a deep breath, I tried to relax. I was at home alone, in the privacy of my bedroom. It was OK if I peed. I was here to learn. And now was my chance. …

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