Exploring libido in a long-term relationship

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Not having sex is easy to do in a long-term relationship when you have a lot on your mind. You may have family, children, work issues and money problems to juggle. Running a household and a real adult life takes up a LOT of time.

But, just because it’s easy…

Because breasts weren’t designed to be sexy

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The room was silent. I closed my eyes. I felt the softest touch on my hand and opened my eyes. My tiny baby was gripping my hand. My heart melted. I looked into her big blue eyes. The world softened. …

11 you say?

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Don’t worry if you thought there were only two different types of orgasm for a woman — clitoral and vaginal. I forgive you.

But, the truth is these two commonly known orgasms are just the beginning. As it turns out, there are more orgasms than gnomes in Snow White.


It was a risk worth taking

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I closed my eyes and felt the nerves shoot across my chest. I tried to slow down my breathing. My palms were sweating, my heart was racing. I had no idea whether I was doing the right thing, but I’d run out of time. There was no time to think.

Understanding the blurred lines

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I remember when I first called my boyfriend Sir. I whispered it, mortified at the idea of people hearing me. What would my mom think?

Calling a man Sir is a way of saying they are superior. Isn’t that bad? …

It’s a close call…

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There’s a thin line between a toxic male and an alpha/dominant male.

The definition of dominant is having power and influence over others. So, it stands to reason that dominance only works in a healthy and always consensual sexual situation. …

I wasn’t being patient with myself

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Faking orgasms saves time. It’s the best thing you can do if you want sex to be over fast. …

The world looks crystal clear

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“So, how does it feel to be a mother?”

I sat in silence, contemplating my mom’s friend’s question. There was no rush to answer. The buzz of giving birth hadn’t worn off yet. I felt different, more confident. I was happy to remain silent and truly think about her question…

The world is your garden

Tour de France | Carcassonne | Photo courtesy of the author

When I was 8, I was desperate to work. Pocket money wasn’t enough. I walked down our lane and went to the big house before the woods. We called it the doctor’s house. My brother and I were in awe of how big this house was.

We knocked confidently on…

Coping with the death of playgroups

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“Does she have any friends?” my friend asked opening her eyes wide in fake concern.
“No not as many as she should have. It has been a worry, to be honest. She’s not really seen anyone during the lockdown,” I answered honestly.

Seeing the strange glee in my friends face…

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