Matilda Swinney
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“I’m perpetually disappointed. Perpetually disappointed. I’m perpetually disappointed by men -”

“OK. That’s enough with perpetually.”

I stared at him. Was he kidding? He could have a long, complicated affair and I couldn’t say perpetually a few times?

“I get it. I do,” he looked at me kindly, “I wanted…

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Jaqueline Gold is the CEO of Ann Summers, a major British store specialising in sex toys and lingerie.

She originally joined the store for work experience when she was 21 years old.

She said at the time she had no intention of staying. It was a male dominated business and even the customers were mostly male. However, she knew things needed to change.


Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

Have you ever worried whether you’re doing something wrong during sex?

If you’re thinking it, then you probably are. It’s just, no one’s honest enough to tell you. Don’t worry though, there’s still hope. Let’s discuss the most common reasons for a woman not orgasming and work out the solutions.

You’re not paying attention.

Matilda Swinney

1 Million+ views | 7x Top Writer | Freelance lifestyle writer | Author of The Texts Before We Met and The Girl Who Jumped

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